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简单来说, 网络 Portal can be understood as a web system that endows with several features and functions to authorize and identify the users by providing them with an easy, 自发的, 用于访问服务和信息的个性化和可定制的网络接口. 因此, the main purpose of setting up a portal is to bring the vast information and service resources available from many sources to many users in an effective manner. Proficiently designed web portals will allow your customers and employees to be modernized, 有组织的, 和链接. 门户网站是非常有用的,使您的业务日夜增长, 因为它以一种综合的方式呈现来自不同来源的信息.

网络充满了信息和知识, and web portal is one of the best and easiest way that offer numerous resources and services such as forums, 搜索引擎, 电子邮件, 网上购物等等. 网络门户可以作为私有门户或企业门户使用, where enterprise portals are available to feed the online world with information linked to diverse categories.

在HorizonCore, you can hire dedicated web portal developers who will help you in designing portal comprised of versatile functions so that you can systematize collections of vivid sources of information and services for distribution to wide range of user depending their interest, 需求和特权. HorizonCore is a leading offshore web development company that offers satisfactory and effective web portal development services according to your requirements. We provide wide variety web portal development services that cover the majority of the web development industry.

HorizonCore is one-stop solution to all your simple to complex web portal development requirements. Our team of professional web portal developer expertise in creating portals that merges information access and content distribution. 在HorizonCore, our experienced team of web portal developers and link builders integrate the most interactive alternatives and newest technology to build your website, 吸引更多的客户和顾客到您的互联网业务基础.


HorizonCore is an offshore web development company and team of dedicated developers in creating both vertical and horizontal web portals. We are committed to delivering practically advantageous and functional web portals that will help you to make a solid web presence of your business. 借助最新的技术, our professional web portal developers are capable in delivering fully customizable web portals according to your requirement.

在ASP等众多web应用程序开发平台的帮助下.网, PHP, Adobe Flex, Liferay, Ruby on Rails, Silverlight等, 我们的团队经验丰富的门户网站开发人员提供高度互动, 安全, 可伸缩的, 弹性, 以及可管理的门户解决方案. Our expert developers and programmers with rich experience in development of custom web portals and applications will offer you cutting edge solution to cope-up with the challenges and pull off extravagant results.








约定条款 & 条件



企业创业解决方案 企业创业解决方案



Weapon Depot embraces that freedom in a whole new caliber of online buying and selling delivering the freedom of more selection, 接触更多买家的自由, and the freedom for buyers and sellers to have an open line of communication for seamless transactions.


24Fashion是ByBill Media于2007年发起的一个项目. 与 you experience an online shopping sensation for men's underwear and women's underwear. 发现与许多优质品牌的范围, all types of boxer shorts such as; briefs, 丁字裤, 有管子和更多的东西, 这是一个完整的范围! We think it is important that you can order underwear online in a reliable environment and in an easy way.


Stoicure制药 Private Limited is committed to providing pristine quality pharmaceutical products that help enhance the lifestyle of mankind. 主要依靠深入的研究和开发, Stoicure制药 aims to deliver significant pharma products that contribute towards creating a healthy environment. 我们拥有活力, values as well as commitment to bring about a revolutionary change in the pharma industry.


Zaccini是内衣领域的热门品牌. 它已经遍及世界各地. 对于Zaccini,我们使用Magento 2开发了这样一个响应式电子商务网站.3.这有助于他们更有效地接触到客户,并使业务蓬勃发展.


Xbress.Com是第一个将全球运输过程自动化的网站. We empower you with the technology of searching and comparing results from over 114 carriers across the globe to find most convenient and competitive rate with your favorite carrier for your next domestic or international shipment.


罗斯菲尔德手表是手表领域的热门品牌 & 独特的时尚配饰. 它已经覆盖了全球37个国家. 我们为RoseField开发了这样一个响应式电子商务网站, 什么能帮助他们更有效地接触到客户并使业务蓬勃发展.

Mozayada SQC

Mozayada has taken a well-thought out strategy and timeline to launch in three stages to support online auctions in several types, 如:
Providing services to customers in a distinctive manner while maintaining the confidentiality of information, 工作的准确性, 承诺和职业操守, 这有助于提高公司的知名度和在竞争对手中的地位.




Laravel 网络开发




HorizonCore拥有最好的网站 & 软件开发团队. I am very demanding and my all the requirements were fulfilled with politeness and smile. 我得到了极大的尊重,我对最后的结果非常满意. I don't have the words to thank them and will truly recommend this talented team to everyone.

Link metric发现HorizonCore是一个完美的合作伙伴. They always deliver over and above our expectations, from complex site design to management systems. 在使用了许多外包操作之后, 当我们最终找到一家值得信赖的公司时,我们非常高兴.

We are very satisfied to have a mate like HorizonCore as our offshore development partner. 在我们的关系中, HorizonCore已经对我们自己的愿景和工作流程有了很好的理解. 他们积极主动地解决影响企业的问题.

澳门体育赌博十大平台是ActiveCare Online迄今为止最好的IT体验之一. 我们对所有的观点都印象深刻. 我们很自豪能与如此充满激情的印度IT公司合作, 热情的, 守时谦虚.

They provide excellent quality for the best prices that I have ever found in the IT industry. 到目前为止,我对他们的工作非常满意,并强烈推荐他们. 谢谢你的好工作. 我非常感谢您为我们提供的网络解决方案.

我们经营进出口机构的管理业务. 当我们在马尼那加的时候, 我们在2010年遇到了HCIPL的负责人,他向我提出了一个站点开发计划. 从那天起,我们所有的IT操作都由HorizonCore来处理. Recently we have revamped our institute management system with responsive layout and its more than we wanted!

我们一直在使用桌面系统,但由于技术的进步, 我们需要将其升级为基于web的,这样我们就可以在云上管理我们所有的细节. 我和HCIPL项目负责人开了个会, 他的进步计划给我留下了深刻的印象,我们同意为之努力. 我们的员工对新系统反应热烈.

It's been a real pleasure working with the company we have always been pleased with the solutions given by them because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. 我们也觉得他们理解我们作为一个独立身份的需求.

伊莱 & 黛比

肥皂飞溅公司首席执行官. 美国.


MD,链路度量. 伦敦.


创始人Pacemedia. UK.

Mr. 脱石帕特尔

ActiveCare Online的所有者. U.K.

Arjun Thandi

创始人Evucan. UK.

Mr. 迪帕克Sudhir

导演,iiiEM. 印度.

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自由集团董事. 印度.

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ESSPEE ERP系统总监. 印度.




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